Our Media

Digital Communication Platform

Using high-resolution LCD screens, Elevision delivers up-to-the-minute news & entertainment content throughout the day. Displayed alongside this content we run a selection of ad campaigns. The 15 sec ads rotate continuously on a 4-minute loop.

Our digital medium offers the following communication platforms:

Standard Screen Ad Standard screen advertising content runs adjacent to the news. Our clients can run either full-motion videos or static content. The ad space represents approximately 60% of the screens.

Full Screen Ad The premium full-screen-takeovers use the entire screen to maximize impact. Clients can run either full-motion videos or static content. The 15 sec ad content rotates once per loop.

User-Generated Content The Instagram linked ‘Photo of the Day’ promotes active participation & engagement from our audience. User-generated content often sparks conversation and ‘Photo of the Days’ popularity has resulted in Elevision becoming integrated into people’s social sharing. This vehicle can be used to run sponsored UGC campaigns.

Advertorials Keep your brand top-of-mind by broadcasting regular updates in our news & information section. The branded advertorials can be used on their own or in conjunction with e.g. a standard screen ad to reinforce the two promotional methods.

Zone Sponsorships Increase your brand equity through brand association by sponsoring certain zones on our screens. The intrinsic link created strengthens the perceived value of a product / service beyond the observable physical value of the product. Examples of zone sponsorships: time, stock updates or weather forecasts.


Dynamic Medium

Elevision’s state-of-the-art technology enables you to tailor your advertising content and delivery, to maximize your campaign’s relevance, impact & results.

The digital screens work with real-time content, giving advertisers significant power to customize messages.

Our unparalleled flexibility can help & add value in the following:

Demographics. Hyper-targeting your audience, by selecting e.g. either residential or commercial circuits.

Geographics. Geo-targeting the Elevision network by selecting e.g. a specific area or tower.

Custom Ad Scheduling. Specify certain days of the week / month when you want your ad to show. For example, one week a month, prior to an upcoming event or during month-end when customer spending trends increase.

Maximising Communication. Run multiple-messages to ensure continuous audience engagement thus extending the reach and effectiveness of your marketing communication.

Real-Time Flexibility. Have an ad campaign up & running within an hour, or change your on-screen content within minutes.

In-House Creative Team. Our in-house creative team of marketers & motion graphic designers can assist in content creation & requirements.